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World Sailing Steer the Course Women’s Sailing Festival Triumph!

Kelly R Bruce | Published on 6/3/2021

World Sailing's Steering the Course Women’s Sailing Festival A Triumph!

On Sunday, May 30th, the Marianas Yacht Club participated in World Sailing’s Steer the Course, Women’s Sailing Festival, a global event taking place at clubs across the Northern Hemisphere. 
Aimed at getting more women and girls interested in sailing, the event was a huge success.  The Club was at capacity as members offered rides on their boats to fellow members, guests and the public. By the end of the day, our volunteer sailors had given rides to 60 people!  Event goers also enjoyed a delicious BBQ by The Guam BBQ Company. The memorable day would not have been possible without the help of a solid team of volunteers. 

A very special thank you
Un dankolo na Si Yu'os Ma'ase! to everyone who helped:

Sailboats: Tom and Terry Berkemeyer, Stephanie Anderson, Casey Radican, Evan Chase, Maeva and Olivia Conroy, Jordan and Race Baden, Ben Conroy, Randy Johnson and Family, Charles Masters, Kelly Bruce, Bill Unsinn, Ross Morrison, Austin Baird and Nan Lipai;

Safety Boat: Mike Cassidy, Mike Paulovich, Ella Gayle, Jonathan and Elizabeth Cox and Family;

Registration: Prudy Denight, Maggi Woods, Andy Gayle, and Prue Palisoc; Boat Sign-in: Kisha Conroy and Belinda Baird;

Shore Support:  MYC Commodore Cait Gayle, Andrew Gayle; and many others who gave a quick hand when needed.