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December 2019 Festivities (by G. Porter)

 | Published on 1/1/2020

AND ON to DECEMBER 2019 (by Vice Commodore G. Porter)

An Honorary Membership was presented to Governor Lourdes Leon Guerrero at her chambers on December 5th.  Approved by the Board, the Governor received a framed burgee and membership card for her use, presented by Commodore Armour, in attendance with Lynn Flores, Charo Flores, and Vice Commodore Ginger Porter.


Cruisers Ana and Franco returned to the club after losing their mast after leaving Guam.  Thanks to the Coast Guard assistance, they are back in our neighborhood waiting for replacement parts and enjoying a Christmas for a first time. 


Thanks to Charo Flores, Sarah Williams and children, with a final touch from Larry Williams for helping me deck out the patio for the holidays, just in time for our Wine Tasting on December 13th.  I found it a smashing success with many new members taking the opportunity to taste a variety of wines and find their favorites!  The patio was full, heralding in the Christmas season at the club.


Santa arrived by sea two days later, serving up good humor, gifts, and traditional candy canes.  Families stayed until sunset, enjoying the afternoon of cheer and good weather.  It was a great day for everyone…including Santa, who was fooled by the presence of identical triplets from the Mummert family (haven’t I seen you before?!).  I had a chance to talk to returning College students, new members, and relax in the closing hours of the day.    Check back here for photos of this festive occasion!


We closed out 2019 with a White Elephant gift exchange, deftly organized by Elisa Anderson.  Backpacks, hammocks, a buff yoga calendar, Tom and Jerry DVD’s (how many?!), dominoes, coffee mugs & eye packs….and more great trades made for a lot of fun.  


Two New racing Optis arrived for a fleet of boats for our youngest sailors.  The recently approved purchase by the Club now supports small sized youngsters to hone their sailing skills, getting ready for a lifetime of sail.  Out go the old and heavy gray Optis, donated years ago by a Japanese company.  Anyone interested in picking up one of the old boats for a song, contact Tom Berkemeyer.  We need the space for the new and upgraded equipment.


A gift of Lasers and sailing equipment from Takao Otani in recognition of our 50th Anniversary is graciously accepted.  His most generous offer is received with a big THANK YOU!  Takao also proposes training young Japanese sailors with a coach at our club in 2021!  We are hoping that some of our young local sailors will be able to share some of that opportunity.  Great bridges of sailing development are on the horizon.


Mariana has new wire and turn buckles.  With no securement of the base of the mast to the boat, it may pop out of the faceplate if the mast flexes.   Tom will address securing a cable on the bottom sometime later.  He has a standard O’Day DaySailor mast available as well as a sail.  Mariana is presently able to be sailed.